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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Work it out girl!

Soooooo, I must admit I dislike working out. For some reason the fact that I have to sweat and breath hard while working out really turns me off from it. YES, I know I am weird, considering the fact that I spend at least 30 mins doing my makeup and then I have to sweat it off really doesn't make me happy. So to work out I have to take off all my makeup and mentally prepare myself to sweat, lol. You all must be reading this like, "OMG seriously!??" sadly yes I am more of a indoors lounging and reading a book kind of girl, relaxing by the pool or simply staying in the AC chick. Don't hate me I beg of you, LOL.

Since this week I promised to myself I was going to kick up my workouts I wanted to share with you a YouTube Channel that has been really helping me work out at home and the instructor is really cute and motivates me. I know she has her moments when she is "too happy", but hey I kinda love that about her......

The channel is Blogilates the instructors name is Cassey and she is a workout goddess, seriously! I dream of having her abs, legs and arms one day, a girl can dream right?!? hahaha! Well I wanted to share with you some of the videos that I do sometimes multiple times a day to stay active and will continue to do to get this body in tip top shape-ish.

So first up POP Cardio just makes me sweat and feel good after the sweat, lol.....

This is a very simple one but damn am I swore the next day.......

OH HELL NO! This video had my legs and booty aching for days, but so worth it! One of my faves....

So yeah I wanted to share with you all something that has been keeping me active and I hope this helps some of you out there that may want to do something from home and not have to buy a whole entire infomercial program.

Let me know what you do for a work out and if you try any of these!



  1. I have to try these!! :D But not in my bedroom where my computer is hehehe. XD Thank you for the links! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing these... most def will try them :)

  3. I came across her channel earlier this week. Woo, she's got some energy but these videos will definitely kick me in gear.