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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Personal PCOS Diet

I want to start first off by saying that every single person is different and not everything works the same way, or better explained, our bodies may not metabolize the same way. So this is what is working for me and what I have found through the great advice of other women with the same syndrome I have.

I was able to find an awesome website where I get help and guidance from other women like me, it is called the PCOS Challenge. I met two wonderful women there Alisha and Steph (check out her blog) who shared their story and what works for them. (Thanks again ladies!)

Since Brandi and Tara both wanted to know what my "diet" is I wanted to break down what I am actually doing.

1. No refined sugar (candy, soft drinks, sweets of any kind)
2. Only drink water or tea (loose leaf tea steeped at home)
3. No preservatives, or artificial anything
4. Organic foods (meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables)
5. Whole Grains (bread and Pasta)
6. No to white potatoes, rice and bread (turns into sugar)
7. 3 meals a day and 3 small snacks during the day (usually fruit)
8. Currently working out 20 minutes a daily (will increase overtime)
9. For sweeter I only use Raw Sugar or Honey
10. Limited my coffee to 2 cups a day

I know it may seem like a lot of no's but it actually isn't so bad. To give you an example of a day:


Omelette -2 organic eggs , 1/2 tablespoon organic butter (to grease the pan), 1/4 cup of green pepper, 1/4 cup of onions)
One piece of whole grain toast
One cup of coffee

Snack: peach

Organic Avocado Tomato Salad (tossed with dash of EVOO and a pinch of salt)
1 cup of cherries
1 string cheese

Snack: apple

1 organic chicken breast grilled
1 sweet potato steamed
Mini fruit salad

Snack: 1 cup of coffe and two pieces of whole grain toast

Everyday is different but this was my day yesterday. I also drink a gallon of water a day, obviously little by little and through the entire day and even night, I wake up and drink a lot of water at night (weird habit, I know).

I am finding new recipes so I can change it up and I don't get bored or sick of the same food. I completely cut off eating out, cooking at home daily can get challenging but it is doable. Plan ahead so you aren't too hungry to cook. If I know I will be working I will cook extra of a previous meal to take to work for lunch or dinner. Have a plan for the day and ask for help from your significant other or a friend if you need too. Mel will also help me stay on track by following my lead and he takes some of the load off by cooking one night which really helps me.

Hope this helps and gives you all a more in depth idea of what I am doing.



  1. It's great that Mel is so supportive and helpful! I drink water obsessively, even throughout the night, lol.

  2. YAY I'm so happy for you Nory, keep it up girl :)